Portable 2 Infinity Japanese to English Translation Guide


DeviFoxx_PSP2I_Profile_Image.jpg Greetings, I’m DeviFoxx. “Devi” for short, no “L” in my name. Some of you might know me from another place out there. In any case, this Guidebook is dedicated to those of you who are long-time / new fans of Phantasy Star, and aren’t terribly fond of the way SEGA is handling the Phantasy Star franchise in western territories and are looking for an alternative means to enjoying the game Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity for the Sony PlayStation Portable. It took a lot of time and effort to write this Guide, and I would be most grateful that if you do indeed decide to use this guide that you at the very least acknowledge me for taking the time to write this. I should note right off the bat that if you’re reading this from your computer, then Japanese Language Support should be enabled on the computer that you are using this guide from. Otherwise, you may not be able to identify many of the translations.

  This guide is meant to aid those who want to play Infinity but are unable to understand so much as an ounce of Japanese. For the most part, this guide will cover everything you need to know in order to play effectively. This includes learning the two primary alphabets of Japanese, Hiragana ( ひらがな ) and Katakana ( カタカナ ). Both of which are necessary to gain at least a basic, rudimentary understanding of the game. This guide is written in such a way however that the transition into Japanese should be seamless and easy for you. While it may seem daunting at first, just relax. For the most part, all the menus, items, and storyline have / will be translated in this guide for the game.

  I will say that writing this guide was no easy feat! While this guide is indeed free for anyone to download—because it was a fan project—I would be most appreciative of any donations that you [or whomever else] would be ever so nice enough to impart. Thank you kindly for your continued support.

  Having said that, I hope this guide will help those of you who cannot speak / read / write Japanese the ability to enjoy the game. Thank you, and have a splendid day!

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