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Foreword from the Editor:
  NAMCO's popular, on-going franchises. The "Valkyrie" and the "Druaga" series share somewhat of a symbiotic relationship. As one character from one series usually doesn't make a cameo without someone from the other series. [This topic is further elaborated upon in the fifth article page.]

  If you're from Japan, or an avid Non-Japanese gamer who does a lot of importing (especially involving games from the 1980's to the early and mid 1990's), then you probably are more than familiar with the "Valkyrie" and "Druaga" games by now.

  The purpose this article serves is to help Non-Japanese gamers familiarize with these video game characters, as NAMCO continually uses the characters in regions outside of Japan without too many people understanding the reference. Whether this is due to a lacking effort in localization and marketing, or a small budget to produce the games on a global market, it's anyone's guess.

  The characters from both series however, have a very large following in Japan.

  I would even dare to say that seeing Valkyrie and Gilgamesh in a new game in Japan is just about the equivalent of seeing Link or Zelda in a new game in America. All the aforementioned characters have been around since the mid 1980's and started with a small "cult-status" following.

  Nevertheless, here is a brief preview of the series that will hopefully clear up any inaccuracies, errors, and / or misconceptions about the series written in this particular article.

Editor's Overview of the Series:

  The world of Valkyrie is set in a fictional, medieval fantasy land known as Marvel Land.

  Whether or not that NAMCO's 1990 Arcade / Sega Genesis / Sega MegaDrive game known as "Marvel Land" takes place in the same world is unknown--nor is it disputed or even openly discussed. My personal belief is that they are not in the same world, because Marvel Land is about trying to save an Amusement Theme Park named "Marvel Land" (that greatly resembles "Disneyland") from a trouble-making gang of burrowing Moles.

  In any event, the world of Marvel Land is inhabited by various races who generally live together in peace and harmony. By my count, there's four main races in the game.

  • Humans
      Of course. Every fantasy world has to have human beings, right? Humans are typically the most prominent race in many main-stream Role-Playing Games. There's really only one mainstream re-occurring human character in the series. That character is Zuhl (or as some translations call him, Zul, Zuul, or Zool). Any other Humans who appear in the series are there briefly, only for a scene, or for the duration of just that one game.

  • The Sandra Clan
    The Sandras, (Or, alternatively translated as Xandra, Sandora, Sandler, or Sandla) at first glance, appear as amorphous, humanoid, walking green blobs. But later, you come to understand that they are actually a type of Lizard-Man. Sandras are generally good natured, have kind hearts, and are usually are a very trusting race of people. However, Sandras were easily corrupted and controlled for evil purposes. Such was the case during "The Adventure of Valkyrie", in which Valkyrie must fight against Black Sandras in order to advance into Zouna's pyramid and continue her quest.

      After fighting her way through a barren wasteland of a desert as she made her way towards the pyramid, Valkyrie came across another Black Sandra. As she fought valiantly against the Minion of Zouna and struck the evil Sandra down, Valkyrie liberated its heart! This one Sandra had a heart pure enough to the point where he could not be fully consumed by evil.

      The Sandra introduced himself as Kurino Sandra, and explained how he eventually wound up in the desert to Valkyrie. From that point onward, Valkyrie found herself a new partner, and a very dear friend who joined her on every quest she embarked upon.

      Also, as a race, the Sandra Clan live peaceful lives and rely heavily upon agriculture [farming and ranching] as their main means of survival. They live in a very forested part of Marvel Land's Northwestern-most continent in a small village and farming community known as Sandland [or Sandros in the European game "Whirlo". But all other games refer to it as "Sandland", so I'm going to call it that]. Sandland is surrounded by a great forest on all sides. Both the forest and Sandland rest merely a few miles or so from the base of Mt. Alsandra.

  • The Quarkman Tribe
      Quarkmen (sometimes spelled from it's literal Romanized translation from Japanese as Koakuman) are a very mysterious race in general. They are, essentially, a separated tribe of humans who have extraordinary powers beyond normal people. The Quarkmen are noticeably very nimble and agile on their feet; being able to jump very high and sprint quickly. Physically, they resemble a human in a medieval court jester (or, by some comparisons, they can be compared to resembling the character "NiGHTS" from Sega / Sonic Team's 1996 title "NiGHTS into Dreams" for the Sega Saturn) costume or outfit.

      The Quarkmen's village rests at the very base of Mt. Alsandra. Quarkmen seemingly enjoy a life of solitude and isolation away from the other races of people in Marvel Land, like Humans, Sandras, and Tattas [a nomadic race of Trolls wearing loincloths and wielding boomerangs and big wooden clubs]. They also use a form of Ninjitsu-like Arts to help them in battle. Quarkmen seem to rely on both their speed and absolute stealth amongst the trees of a dark forest in order to hunt [as illustrated when a group of Dark Quarkmen under Zouna's control chase after Valkyrie in a very Ninja-esque fashion, and ultimately trap her in a pitfall that was dug in the ground ("Valkyrie no Bouken: Toki no Kagi Densetsu" the Remake in "NAMCO Anthology Vol. 2" for PSX)].

      The only two Quarkmen you actively befriend in the series are Andy, and his daughter, Sabine.

  • Monsters & Evil Minions
      Fantasy worlds cannot simply live in peace. There has to be monsters and minions, of course! Minions in this game range from natural wildlife turned bad, monsters such as Ogres and Trolls, to Bosses, Subordinates and Minions of the main villains Zouna and Kamüz.

Cast of Mainstay Characters:
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  She is NAMCO's mainstay heroine, and the titular character of the franchise. Her name is originally Romanized from Japanese as Walküre (the German pronunciation of "Valkyrie"). Whenever Marvel Land, or the Earth itself is in trouble and approaching doom, she falls from the heavens [literally...], sent by the Goddess for the sake of defending peace and love. Her trademarks that she's easily identified by are her long, blonde, braided ponytail, green breastplate, white skirt, and most notably--her winged bronze helm.

  Since the original series, Valkyrie has continually made cameos (alongside with "Gilgamesh" and "Ki" from "Tower of Druaga") in several other NAMCO franchises. Two of which she commonly frequents as a guest appearance are the "Tales of..." RPG series and the "Soul Calibur" fighting game series.


Kurino Sandra:

  A brave warrior and a loving father and husband. Kurino is a member of the Sandra clan; a race of peaceful, Lizardmen-like beings.

  In "A Sandra's Great Adventure", Kurino sets off to cure a plague started by the Dark Lord Zouna's evil Ashes of Despair that were spread from the eruption of Mt. Alsandra. After enduring many trials, and making several friends along the way, Kurino ultimately has a final showdown with Zouna.

  Sadly, Kurino loses the battle under certain circumstances. To which point, Zouna corrupts Kurino's heart, turning him--like so many other Sandras--into an evil Black Sandra, whose mission is to serve Zouna by dwelling in a vast desert and guarding the entrance to Zouna's pyramids that contains treasure.

  Kurino's heart was not fully turned, however. He was eventually saved and liberated by Valkyrie. The two eventually became the dearest of friends, and comrades in battle. Ever since that fateful event, Kurino has never gone on an adventure without Valkyrie.

  With his Trident in hand to match Valkyrie's sword and shield, the two valiantly charge into battle, ready to face evil whenever it shows its face!


  Sabine, daughter of Andy, is a member of the Quarkman tribe in Marvel Land. During the earlier days from when Kurino first set on his Journey to find the Sun Cure to combat the plague, Sabine was still a toddler being cradled in her father's arms.

  Unfortunately, in a battle with the evil Crescent Moon King, she was separated from Kurino and her Father while she was still quite young. As a result, she suffered amnesia for quite some time. However, with Kurino's help, she was reunited with her father and now joins Valkyrie and Kurino on their travels. Ever grateful for the deeds that Valkyrie and Kurino did for her, her father, and all of Marvel Land, she remains loyal to Valkyrie and Kurino and a true friend.


  Zuhl is a bit of a shyster by nature. Always looking for a way to make fast money. When he first appeared in "The Adventure of Valkyrie" for the Famicom (NES), he was actually a baddie that appeared on the field and would cause Valkyrie grief by swiping an item from her inventory and running off with it.

  From a chronological standpoint, Zuhl didn't become a baddie until the evil Zouna's magic brought out the evil in the hearts of just about everyone in Marvel Land.

  When he appeared in "A Sandra's Great Adventure", he was always in a hunt for treasure and gold. He accomplished this by occasionally following behind Kurino on his travels and dropping hints as to where to find the "next big treasure".

  After Valkyrie saved Marvel Land from Zouna's grasp, and its inhabitants were freed from the dark spell, Zuhl was arrested by the police in Marvel Land and put on trial. He was actually acquitted on the condition that he gives back to the community by working as a traveling merchant from Sandland. And so, he would try to make an honest living for once. Which is why when Valkyrie and Kurino set out to defeat Kamüz in "The Legend of Valkyrie", Zuhl decided to help them by selling any useful weaponry he came across.


  Zouna. Dark Lord, Wizard, and the Scourge of Marvel Land.

  He was the main villain in "The Adventure of Valkyrie: The Legend of the Key of Time", and is the most recognized villain that Valkyrie and Kurino have faced. Zouna used his powers to corrupt the hearts of everyone in Marvel Land and control it to his own purposes using the legendary Key of Time. With this power, he created an army of both living and robotic creatures to rule the world with.

  Valkyrie traveled to Zouna's castle on the eastern continent of Marvel Land in order to stop him.

  Having succeeded, peace was restored to Marvel Land.

  After his defeat, Zouna's power was strong enough to return from the Abyss of Time and become a major threat to the universe in the cross-over RPG Namco X Capcom for PlayStation 2. However, with the help of Reiji Arisu and Xiao-mu, Valkyrie, Kurino Sandra, and Sabine were able to once again defeat Zouna.


  Kamüz is the main villain of "The Legend of Valkyrie".

  After Zouna's defeat, and Valkyrie's restoring of Marvel Land by returning the Key of Time, Kamüz decided he would seek the Golden Seed and use it to make a wish with his heart to rule the world. However, through Kamüz's power, the earth began to gradually decay and fall into ruination.

  Valkyrie and Kurino managed to obtain the Golden Seed early on in their adventure and quickly resolved to embark on a quest to sink the Golden Seed into the mysterious "Northern Spring" of Marvel Land.

  Little did they know that Kamüz would be there awaiting their arrival and his chance to steal away the Golden Seed.

  Kamüz failed in his attempt, and once again the peace of the Earth was defended by Valkyrie and Kurino.

The Black Valkyrie:

  There is little information regarding the Mysterious Black Valkyrie. Let alone her whereabouts, true identity, origins, and what exactly her true intentions are.

  While still somewhat of a villain, she does not seem to be completely evil. However, even this can be disputed.

  Valkyrie frequently refers to the Black Valkyrie as "the fallen one", and similar titles. Presumably, the Black Valkyrie was cast down from the heavens and sought to ruin the world whereas Valkyrie descended from the heavens in an effort to save it.

  As shown in the picture, she makes an appearance in Namco X Capcom for PlayStation 2, and the Japanese Arcade Only RPG, Druaga Online: The Story of Aon, in which Gilgamesh, Young Ki, Valkyrie, and Xeovalga eventually face her.

  (Other than this, I personally do not know in which game that the Black Valkyrie makes her first appearance. It would have to be something in the mainstream canon of the Valkyrie series--This, of course, discounts crossover games like NXC and DO:SoA. The only three Valkyrie games I have yet to find and play [due to their rarity, or unavailability] are both remakes of "Key of Time"--The first time being in the Japanese-Only Namco Anthology Vol. 2 for PSX. The other being the remake of "Key of Time" on Japanese Cell Phones, and the last game; "Valkyrie no Densetsu Gaiden ~ Rosa no Bouken", which, to my understanding is not actually a game, but a text adventure / digital comic book.

  This paragraph is subject to change as more information on the Black Valkyrie becomes available.)

Zouna's Minions; Black Sandras & Dark Quarkmen, and other creatures:

  Primarily the Sandra Clan, and the Quarkman Tribe were Zouna's main targets for mind control. Giving rise to "Black Sandras" and "Dark Quarkmen". Other beasts include:

  • Tatta タッタ : One of the types of Marvel Land inhabitants Valkyrie & co. will frequently encounter on their travels. They resemble something of a Troll, Ogre, or Caveman. Typically, they wield a stereotypical caveman's wooden club, or a boomerang. In the remake of "Valkyrie no Bouken", Valkyrie ends up helping their tribe in a rescue effort involving their chieftain.
  • Goblin ゴブリン : These creatures resemble the typical green (or sometimes purple) goblin of storybooks. They usually come in large numbers, and appear in every level of "Valkyrie no Densetsu". A general nuisance, they are always wielding spears.
  • Fly Drill フライドリル : For a clear picture of these beasts, simply look at the box arts for both versions of "Valkyrie no Densetsu" (Arcade and PC-Engine). They are part flying beast, part Mandrill (a type of real-life jungle dwelling ape, for those who don't know what a Mandrill is). A "flying monkey", probably borrowed from "Wizard of Oz". They attack in large numbers, and do nothing else but fly towards Valkyrie / Kurino.
  • Chameleon カマエルマン : They only appear in the first stage of "Valkyrie no Densetsu", in the village of Sandland. Springing up from the swamps and lashing at Valkyrie and Kurino with their tongues.
  • Trent トレント : What would a fantasy world be without walking and talking trees? Final Fantasy, Secret of Mana, and Lord of the Rings refers to them as "Ents", "Tree-ents", or "Treants". Well, in "Valkyrie", they're "Trents". And they're ruled over by a "Boss Trent". They resemble a large, dead tree with wavering branches that advance towards you. They appear in "Valkyrie no Densetsu" and the remake of "Valkyrie no Bouken" for PSX. They're good to kill and farm because instead of dropping money, they drop Magic Spheres which restore MP.
  • Demon デーモン : They come in the colors Red and Blue and appear throughout the entire series. Normally, they completely encircle you in a team of eight, usually. Shooting fireballs at you all the while. They look like Japanese Red & Blue "Oni" from various folklore. Having horns, long hair, fangs, and a loincloth.
  • Kaox カオックス : They appear in all Valkyrie games except "Sandora no Daibouken". These are especially tough to deal with. They come in colors of red and blue, and will occasionally spawn from treasure chests in "Valkyrie no Bouken" in large--almost overwhelming--numbers. They can pass through walls and shoot fireballs. They resemble a "Jishi" mask. Basically, a Chinese "Lion" mask--with the extravagant face paint and very long fangs.
  • Dadatta ダダッタ : A Tatta, but wearing full-body bronze armor. Willfully serving Zouna or any other evil authority. They're a bit tougher than a normal Tatta. They wear horned helmets, and use a Morning Star (Ball & Chain) as their primary weapon. They are in all Valkyrie games.
  • Talos タロス : Once a docile beast of burden in Marvel Land. The presence of evil has driven them to insanity. They are wild, feral gray-colored bulls that will charge fiercely at anyone in their way. They are in all Valkyrie games.
  • Robotian ロボチィアン : Animated Armor. Robotians were created by Zouna to help subdue intruders. They resemble silver suits of armor with a bright red cross emblazoned on the front of their helmets. They shoot laser beams out of the red cross, too. This makes them a formidable foe because of their ranged capabilities. They are in all Valkyrie games.
  • Honorian ホノーリアン : Similar to the "Kaox", Honorians can also pop out of treasure chests. They usually inhabit darkened or enclosed areas such as dungeons or dark forests. They can pass through walls and move at high speeds. They come in Red and Blue colors, and resemble the "Will-o'-the-Wisps" of folk lore.
  • Scissors シザース : Out of all of the larger monsters, Scissors are the more common ones. They resemble a giant pair of reptile-like scissors. They appear in all Valkyrie games and usually fight by shooting debris at their victims.
  • Quiz Phantom なぞなぞ怪人 : Not really a "bad guy", but can be annoying nevertheless. The Quiz Phantom makes occasional appearances in "Sandora no Daibouken" and "Valkyrie no Densetsu". A white mask-like face with red eyes, long hair, and goat-like legs. The Quiz Phantom presents whoever approaches it with a question or a riddle that the player must solve.
  • Twin Gilas ツインギラス : A large, blue, two-headed monster that appears in "Valkyrie no Bouken" and "Valkyrie no Densetsu". A tough foe to fight because it can attack in various ways.
  • Sorchikis ソーチキス : They have appeared all throughout the Valkyrie series. They resemble alligators with oversized heads. While slow on land, they move very quickly in the water--so pick your battles wisely!
  • Elecman エレキマン : Elecman, or... in some cases, Elecmen are mage-like beings that shoot electricity from their hands. They kind of resemble a "Dogu" statue of ancient Japan. (The image of a "Dogu" statue has appeared in other games. A monster in the PlayStation 2 game "Okami", and also the character Huitzil / Phobos from Capcom's "DarkStalkers" game series.) They appear throughout the Valkyrie series.
  • Doksas ドクサス : Basically, a fast-moving scorpion. They appear in "Valkyrie no Bouken", and in the form of a boss in "Valkyrie no Densetsu". They can shoot fireballs and will chase Valkyrie down without hesitation.

  Similar to the "Druaga" series, and a host of other video games and movies, the games were not released in chronological order. Which is why I've done just that. Here is the Valkyrie series in chronological order. (Excluding Cameos, Guest appearances, and the like. Official canon only. I am also discounting re-makes, new arrangements, and re-releases from the list. Such titles are available for viewing in section five of this article.)

  1. サンドラの大冒険:ワルキュレとの出会い "A Sandra's Great Adventure: The Encounter with Valkyrie"
    NAMCO ®, 1992.
    Super Famicom [Japan] / SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) [Europe]*

    Released under the title Whirlo in Europe.
  2. ワルキュレの冒険:時の鍵伝説 "The Adventure of Valkyrie: The Legend of the Key of Time"
    NAMCO ®, 1986.
    Famicom [Japan]
  3. ワルキュレの伝説 "The Legend of Valkyrie"
    NAMCO ®, 1989.
    Arcade [Japan] / PC-Engine (TurboGraphix-16) [Japan] / "Namco Museum Vol. 5" (©1997), PlayStation [Japan, U.S.A., & Europe]

 The articles will be presented in the chronological format as shown above. Please enjoy.

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